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ImageToday i will be telling you about an amazing app for cooking. has come out with an app that is getting great reviews. Its called Allrecipes Dinner Spinner. You can find any recipe by serching by ingrediants, or you can just get a random recipe by shaking the phone! You can also scan ingrediants on to your iphone to find a recipe that uses it or to remeber that ingredient. You can also scan ingredients and add them to your shopping list. ImageThere is also a great adition to the app where you have a shopping list on yuiore iphone that you take to the store. Its features include being able to write if youre low on something, and having multiple shopping lists. On the app there are options to have only vegitarian or vegan recipes come up. You can also share ideas by facebook, twitter and email. You can get this app completely free, and its a great deal.

This is a good app for recipes, click here.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is the worlds most downloaded recipe app. For the article, click here.

A review of the app:
Got to love the Shopping List
The recently added “Shopping List” feature is such a time saver. Simplifies shopping for ingredients at the store or you can use it to confirm if you have the items needed at home. Very well put together shopping list, including the features within the shopping list.
Spinner is nice but I haven’t had the chance to utilize the whole app. This app is defiently a keeper. I just love All Recipes. Keep up the good work.
In conclusion, i think this app is a great free tool to use in the kitchen and you should definitely download it today!





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