I’m in high school.  And I eat lunch.  Here’s what changes will get me to buy my lunch from YOU.Image

  1. The school cafeteria is expensive. I think they should lower the prices, or if they are going to keep the same price then they should make the food quality higher.
  2. Get better options, the only thing i would get there is a salad or a piece of pizza. They have lots of options but they are kind of gross.
  3. Its always insanely crowded where you buy your food, and its just mayheImagem. The space should be expanded or moved to some place bigger.

This is important because the school could make more money, and waste less food becayse the food no one eats gets thrown away. My opinion is sound because I have eaten at the cafeteria and from experience i know it isnt the best that it can be. I would bring food from home but I don’t have much time in the morning. If I were to have a lunch from home I would have to pack it myself, and I’m already scrambling to have breakfast. Everyone goes to the cafeteria just for that reason, so if you are going to have a cafeteria make it nice.


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