Alvin Leung Jr.

Alvin Leung Jr. is a chef and owns a Chinese restaurant. His food though is unlike any other Chinese food you will ever taste. The dishes are small, just enough to excite and tickle your taste buds and leave them waiting for more. It may be expensive but it’s worth it, for a mere $1,380.00 per person, a 13 course meal is prepared for you. Alvin Leung Jr. is an innovator because he knows that to really enjoy and take in the flavor of the dish, you must have a Zen environment to eat in.  Alvin likes to think of himself as a Picasso for food, he makes new interpretations of basic food.  Click here for his website and sometime in your life, go to his restaurant. I still wonder if he will ever lower his prices so that he gains more costumers. This leads me to wonder if he even wants more costumers. He always goes out to the dining area of his restaurant and meets all the costumers to make sure they are enjoying their food, so maybe he doesn’t want too many new costumers. Look at just some of the amazing food him and his crew of chefs have madeImageImageImageImageImage


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